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Tenho is a different breed of Nordic.
Our heart beats to the drum of Lapland, our mind speaks the language of Nordic innovation. Our way of working is rooted in traditional craft methods, but never limited by traditions. On the contrary, we strive to bend convention and challenge classics, creating new originals for modern needs and lifestyles. Our most important ingredient in this process — you.
Our craft is only half the story. It’s what you do and how you apply your personal style and wild ideas to our products that truly make them stand out.


When the place we live and the place we work merge into a new strange reality, there’s a need to rethink and reconfigure those spaces. Tenho Standing Desk was envisioned to be anything from a coffee table, to a working desk, to a shelf for your favourite thing. We leave it up to you.
Its compact and versatile design is a clever solution for small spaces that need to change in function over time. Keep it up, keep it down or keep it weird.


This is one for the records. Like two sides of a vinyl, this furniture is both extremely functional and a never-ending playground. Our timeless Record Cabinet offers endless ways to show off your most precious wax and give those beautiful front covers the attention they truly deserve. Minimalistic Nordic design fused with stand out music tastes. Can’t get much better.

Tunturi maisema.jpg

Wild and extreme northern nature is the endless source of inspiration for us at Tenho. Bold Pallas fjell is just 10 kilometres away from our workshop in Lapland.

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