Let’s bring joy

to work

Ergonomics all too often remain secondary working at home. Persistent neck, back and shoulder pain can result.


Still, remote working is here to stay. Remote working does not need to be boring and dismal experience. Working environment affects our overall well-being. We at Tenho are doing our best to put more emphasis on healthy sitting habits. With Tenho products you can equip your home office in ageless Scandinavian style – and ergonomically. 


Our Tempo and Puhti tables are not just any office tables, but multi-purpose and classy pieces of furniture themselves. Once you have done your work, you can have a drink or perhaps enjoy your meal on the table.

The Tempo standing desk is made almost entirely from Nordic birch wood. The wooden cover in Tempo helps to conceal the electric motor that controls the table's height. The Puhti table is a lighter choice with also birch wood covered desk. The strong electric motor comes from Linak, Denmark.


Our multifunctional standing tables feature an electrically adjustable pillar that allows it to be lowered or raised depending on the desired function, whether it is working, dining and having a drink.

Users' height preferences can be saved via a controller or mobile app, meaning different members from the same household can quickly adjust it to their needs.

Tenho tables are crafted locally from Scandinavian birch, from vast northern forests. It is a durable Finnish design for the working world to enjoy.

We sincery want to make working fun!

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