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Tenho’s cabinets make your records shine

You love vinyls, but don’t know where to put them? Tenho Design offers your precious vinyls a solid home. Our cabinets hold between 500 and 1000 records. They can also be tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

We really want to emphasize the often mind-blowing cover art of vinyl records. Think, for instance, of old Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd albums and their artwork. The cabinet’s wooden frames can be updated to allow you to showcase your best-loved albums and personalise your listening space. By changing sleeves you can put on a pop art exhibition of your own.

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Each cabinet is hand-crafted from either birch or pine and fitted with an iron base. Our choice of hard Finnish timber is chosen to give the cabinet a classy Scandinavian form. The iron base ensures the cabinet is able to hold the weight of hundreds of records.

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